Designer Spotlight: Aima Dora

Since we launched Flora Nuit, Aima Dora has been one of our most popular and best selling brands. Beautiful styles and colors, awesome fit, and approachable prices make the brand a favorite among customers. We chatted with Aima Dora owner Alma Stanonik about the Mauritius-based brand's latest collection.

The Aima Dora Allegra Bandeau Underwire Bra and the Aima Dora Allegra Long Line Triangle Bra.

FN: What was the inspiration for the collection?

AS: The inspiration for the collection was our travels through Provence. Traveling through south of France was an amazing experience that truly engages all your senses! You can not help but to adore and marvel at the nature, the light, the contrasts, the lifestyle, the food…..the scents, the feelings and the colours….amazing colours.  I was so inspired by the colours that we used them for the collection. Just like the painter Cézanne who liked to illustrate the south of France which is full of colors and scents, Aima Dora, from a visit to Provence, defined a color palette with use of accent pastel colors softened by the way of Provençal life. 

Clockwise from top right: Cezanne's L'Estaque, Aima Dora Margarita Triangle Bra, Aima Dora Allegra Classique Bra, Cezanne's The Bay of Marseilles, view from L'Estaque, Aima Dora Juliet Demi Bra,  Aima Dora Juliet Classique Bra.

FN: How does designing and manufacturing in Mauritius affect the look and feel of Aima Dora?

AS: In many aspects - Mauritius is well known for textile manufacturing. Our sister company has been manufacturing high quality lingerie for more then 25 years here. It has acquired a strong and deep know-how of lingerie manufacturing. Also, we work with very experienced French pattern maker living in Mauritius for creating ultimate fit respecting traditional French lingerie fitting method.

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It is real tropical lifestyle here, it is sunny and warm all year around with a little bit of rain, surrounded by gorgeous blue sea and gorgeous green tropical mountains….hence it is in Aima Dora's DNA to always have lots of colours and lightness in the collection. We feel Aima Dora is a true fusion of French lingerie finesse and imagination that stems from tropical island of Mauritius. And to strengthen this fusion we are now working with Mauritian lingerie designer, who actually lives and works in Paris. We are working with Chloe on Aima Dora silk additions which will be added to the collection for showing in Paris this July.

FN: Who is your style icon?

AS: Anna Karina, for sure! She is an actress, writer, director, singer and former model. Her style is always in contrast but never contradicts; effortlessly chic, so French, mischievous and nonchalant, playful and elegant. Her appeal is truly timeless.  I love the story when Coco Chanel told her - "You’ve got to call yourself Anna Karina.” And, her fate was sealed. Still today, many fashion trends can be traced to Karina and she still is an inspiration for designers. So effortlessly chic and a singer - I'm so in awe of her!


FN: Who is the Aima Dora woman?

AS: Aima Dora’s women is a women who likes to expresses her versatility and imagination! It is a modern women who is confident, comfortable and radiant. A women who lingers between two opposites, which never meet but melt in harmony… similar to my style icon! 

FN: What is your favorite piece from the new collection?

AS: Oh….difficult to answer!!! Of course, I love all of them! Creating collection pieces from start, from mood boards to the final products takes time and you really become close to all of them.  Every piece has a story. During the creation process things might change!  Perhaps the lace we have chosen for the story it comes in a band width that is too narrow for the style so we have to make changes, etc…so, you really know the pieces very well and you want to wear all of them.  I will say though, if i really have to choose one, no…... it will have to be two, i absolutely adore the  Allegra Bandeau and Callis Corbeille bra in all colours. This is my first time to be really comfortable wearing a bandeau bra. It is an underwire bandeau that gives you great support….truly absolutely in love with them!

Aima Dora Allegra Bandeau Underwire Bra