Brands we Love: Jessica DeCarlo

One of the designers included in our Birthday Giveaway Gift Bag is the lovely and talented Jessica DeCarlo. The Brooklyn based jewelry designer has been a fave of ours for years, so she's pretty much a perfect fit for Flora Nuit. We sat down with her to find about a bit more about what she loves...

1. What is the inspiration behind your line?

We have lots of different styles, so inspiration comes from everywhere! Jewelry can often be quite sentimental so I try to use symbols and designs that have a meaning behind them, or something someone could put meaning behind themselves.  

2. What's your background and how did you launch your own company?

I started making jewelry in my early teens, started the business at 17 selling at local craft fairs. It turned into a career when I started working for different independent designers, and then some larger jewelry design companies. I never REALLY enjoyed working for other people... call me stubborn, but being told what to do isn't the best, so I ventured out completely on my own the as soon as I could at 24. Shortly after, I started selling at local markets and then to local retailers and the business grew to both wholesale and retail outlets.

3. Celeb crushes (man & lady)

Phil Sullivan & Adriana Lima

4. Your 3 must-have lingerie items

Thong, chemise, does a robe count? 

5. Favorite place in the world



6. Favorite place in NY

Natural History Museum


7. Favorite piece from your collection?

That's a tough one! I love the new Euclid's Hand Double Triangle Ring in Gold .

8. Advice to your 18 year old self       

Stop worrying about everything, dummy.


9. Style Icon

Stevie Nicks 




Editor's Note: HUBBA HUBBA