Salua - Easy like Sunday morning

Salua makes us feel like every morning should begin with an old jazz record playing in a converted loft space while we sip our frothy latte. We got the jazz and latte covered but the converted loft space is still a bit of a dream. No worries though, we can fantasize all we want in these ethereal, feminine and ridiculously soft Salua pieces. 

Designer Shadia K'David offers a collection of romantic pieces that are made from natural fibers like cotton and silk. She currently lives in Seattle but manufactures Salua in a factory in Santa Rosa, Colombia. Shadia's mother is the head of production for the factory and she also has her own line of sleepwear and a store in Colombia. Inspired by her mothers collection, Shadia took classic silhouettes and gave them a youthful, modern twist. So get that latte and Miles ready because these Salua pieces will make home the best place to be.