Aima Dora - Out of Africa

When we first set out to create Flora Nuit, one of our goals was to find beautiful products that weren't readily available in the US. Being fairly picky ladies, we were a bit worried that finding products we loved (and designers willing to take a chance on a new retail concept) would be tricky. But then came Aima Dora. Like manna from heaven (or Mauritius - and we're pretty sure they look about the same) Aima Dora came on to our radar and it was love at first sight. Bold colors, fun prints, and flattering shapes (not to mention great prices), made Aima Dora a favorite with our customers from day 1.

We're pretty excited to be the only retailer in the US offering this gorgeous brand, which is a "blend of French traditional lingerie and ... unorthodox whims reaped on tropical shores." Talk about the best of both worlds.